Critical Care is a growing subspecialty

Critical Care is a growing subspecialty. Currently, the availability of certified Critical Care Specialists (Intensivists) is limited and most are concentrated at large tertiary care centers in urban and semi-urban areas. The existing trained manpower cannot provide round the clock services and access to such specialists is often lacking in the rural setting. Technology (Tele-ICU) is the way forward and provides a mechanism to reach and save more lives. Using the Tele-ICU technology’s automated reminders and decision support tools, along with seamless care between staff in the monitoring center and bedside staff, best practice standards and high quality care could be provided to the critically ill patients.

In collaboration with Hicuity Health Inc ( a remote monitoring center has been established in Chennai in 2010 which is the first of its kind to provide continuous monitoring and acute care services for hospitals in the United States.

We also offer telemedicine consultative services in Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine through Apollo Hospitals TeleHealth Network. To schedule an appointment, use the Apollo 24/7 app ( or call +91-44-2829 6517

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